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Hard core shot | Yingherui Environment creates a bio-natural gas artifact

2020-05-12 10:15:00 46
The "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Industrialization of Biogas" ("Opinions") issued by the ten ministries and commissions including the National Energy Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The "Opinions" suggest that by 2025, China's annual output of biogas will exceed 10 billion cubic meters, and in 2030 it will exceed 20 billion cubic meters.

The "Opinions" propose to accelerate the pace of industrialization, commercialization and development of bio-natural gas; build a distributed industrial layout that promotes the whole county, collects resources nearby, and consumes products nearby; supports the unobstructed integration of bio-gas into urban gas pipeline networks; Improve and implement various preferential policies, implement efficient and simple management of bio-natural gas projects, speed up the development of bio-natural gas industrialization, and form a green, low-carbon clean and renewable gas emerging industry.

Yinghe Rui environmental hard core shot
Bio-natural gas artifact-biogas purification system

Yingherui's biogas purification system adopts membrane separation technology, uses biogas as raw material, undergoes compression filtration, cold dry dehydration, membrane separation and pressurization unit, and through reasonable process design, the biogas purification is prepared to meet the national standard GB18047 Compressed natural gas "or GB1817820" natural gas "products. The project has low input costs, significant social benefits, and good product benefits. It conforms to the national industrial policy and has a strong ability to resist market risks.

Excellent performance of membrane purification
1] The methane yield is as high as 97%, which means that the operator may obtain the maximum value-added;
2] High energy efficiency during purification;
3] No additional auxiliary materials such as water adsorbents (amines, glycols), so there is no environmental discharge pressure;
4] It is easy to implement control and adjustment when the flow rate and composition are changed;
5] After the membrane purification process is completed, the product biogas has been dried and meets the dew point requirements for entering the gas supply network;
6] Easy scalability, can be used in small factories (10Nm '/ h), can also be used in large factories (> 1000Nm' / h);
7] The equipment can be started and stopped in a short time interval, ensuring a high degree of flexibility, so it is very suitable for use in biomethane refueling stations;

8] The gas supply network can be directly input (through the gas pipeline) without additional compression.