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Storage of leachate, enamel assembled tank VS concrete tank

2020-04-23 10:10:32 68

During the operation of the waste incineration power plant, a large amount of leachate will be generated. The leachate contains a large amount of toxic and harmful substances. The water quality is complex, highly corrosive, and highly hazardous. Direct discharge will seriously pollute the water body, soil, and atmosphere. Threatening the ecological environment and human health.

In recent years, the rapid development of the leachate treatment of waste incineration power plants has made great progress. At present, the internal anti-corrosion concrete pool is generally used as a leachate storage facility, that is, let the leachate stay in it for a few days to make its water quality uniform for subsequent biochemical system treatment, and the interior of the concrete pool generally uses epoxy coal asphalt, Or polyurea anticorrosion, which is more stringent on the construction conditions. If the cement or concrete substrate has cracks, it needs to be repaired before painting, that is, after the cement is fully cured for 28 days before construction, to ensure the integrity of the cement and concrete layer and the firmness in the later use process. However, due to the large amount of leachate solid particles and strong corrosion, the anticorrosion material on the inner wall of the concrete tank is worn more seriously. Once the concrete cracks and cracks the anticorrosion layer, the anticorrosion will quickly fail, and to some extent, there will be leachate leakage Hidden dangers.

In view of the above problems, as a rising star, enamel assembled tanks have unique advantages for storing leachate. The enamel coating of the enamel steel plate has the physical characteristics of smooth, highly inert, non-sticky surface, strong abrasion resistance, strong scratch resistance, and anti bacterial growth, and this just solves the problem that the leachate has a large solid particle content and is highly corrosive. problem.

Yingherui Environment is an enterprise specializing in R & D and manufacturing of enamel assembled tanks. In 1999, the predecessor team of Yingherui Environment completed the self-designed and manufactured enamel assembly tank. In recent years, after continuous experience summarization and innovation improvement, it has become the leading enterprise of China enamel assembly tank.

Recently, Yingherui Environment built the leachate disposal anaerobic tank and leachate storage tank in Chongqing. The tank body is made of enameled assembled tank, of which the anaerobic tank adopts UASB reactor, the operation effect is more stable and the impact load resistance Stronger, the three-phase separator is made of PP, with low cost and corrosion resistance.

The enamel steel plates of the entire project are produced by the factory in a modular manner, with a high degree of standardization and controllable quality, to avoid unexpected events during the construction process. After the production of the steel plate is completed from the factory area, it takes 20 days to complete the installation of the tank body after passing the inspection, leaving the factory and shipping, and arriving at the project site.

Yingherui Environment is not only a manufacturer and global supplier of enamel assembled tanks, but also a professional unit reactor supplier with UASB, IC, EGSB, UBF, SBR, contact oxidation, nitrification and denitrification, sedimentation tank, regulating tank And many other types of reactors.

At present, the products of Yingherui Environment have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, mainly used in industrial sewage, municipal sewage, drinking water, fire fighting water, sludge treatment and disposal, agricultural breeding wastewater, landfill leachate, meals In the fields of kitchen waste fermentation, municipal organic waste anaerobic treatment, agricultural organic waste straw manure, dry bulk storage, etc.

In the future, Yinghe Ruiren will continue to work hard and work hard to create value for customers!