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Wonderful Thoughts-Enamel Assembled Cans

2020-04-15 09:38:00 127

Kitchen waste has the characteristics of high moisture, high salinity, high organic matter, obvious spatial and temporal differences in components, and the coexistence of harmfulness and resources. According to China's eating habits and other factors, the corrosiveness of domestic restaurant fermentation broth is stronger, which means that its storage conditions are more severe.

Yingherui Environment is located in Lianyungang City. It handles the waste liquid produced by the fermentation of kitchen waste. It adopts anaerobic + multi-stage AO process. Its reactor pools are all made of enamel assembled tanks manufactured by Yingherui Environment. The performance can fully meet the conditions required for the storage of the kitchen fermentation broth. It is worth mentioning that the multi-stage AO reactor of the project is partitioned in the form of tanks, which has the advantages of compact structure and space saving. At present, the treatment wastewater of this project is all up to standard discharge.